Emmanuel Jacquet

Senior Systems and Networks Engineer

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About me

Pro since 1998, but I learned to write at 6, and to code at 7 with the Commodore 64 of my father. As an internet technologies specialist, i am working with ADEC since 2001 (differents jobs). I'm the technical evangelist that try to help people to adopt and use IT in their projects.

I worked for ADEC, in charge of the network and system administration, the security aspects, as well as all digital services set up for projects (groupware, collaboration tools, open source intelligence (OSINT) etc).

I also worked on European or local projects as a consultant (studies, advices, training, project management etc..)

I also strongly support and promote free softwares and open standards, and therefore i am involved in different movements, like our local LUG

What I know, what i do

System administration:
GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Centos), webservers or database servers (Apache, NGInx, MySQL, PostgreSQL), and others (bind, openldap, tomcat postfix, courrier, dovecot, ejabberd etc). Basics of Windows systems.

Virtualisation:libvirt and qemu-kvm, vmware

Security and monitoring: Cacti, Zabbix, OSSEC, pfsense, Cisco firewalls, iptable, fail2ban, ipsec etc

Networking: IPV4 fluent, BGP knowledge, and I speak "Cisco" !

Open Source intelligence, Business watch, Knowledge mgt : Working and managing different softwares (AMI Entreprise Intelligence, TinyTinyRSS, Nuxeo etc...).

Web applications
egroupware, Zimbra, Wordpress, Joomla, Tikiwiki, Dokuwiki, Owncloud, and some Web developpement : customisation of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP. Hacking Smarty templates or CakePHP sometimes.

Project management / Team motivation :-)

Lecture open source intelligence for M2 in Faculty of Law, UNISTRA
IoT for M2 RDM
FLOSS: I like to promote floss throug the local LUG

I speak French, English, and basics of German, Portuguese.
Guitar (blues, rock, metal)
Hiking, travelling...
A wife, two lovely sons !


E. Jacquet